Sipho's Story

Too many innocent children are being abused physically, sexually and emotionally, neglected or abandoned on a daily basis. When a case of abuse comes to light, social structures, the CPU and the child court take action to rescue these kids by removing them from their destructive living conditions and placing them in a place of safety.

Many of the kids are also unsettled by their removal from home, since this existence is the only one they have known for their entire lives. Suddenly they have nothing left and nowhere to go. How can a child who feels lost feel safe and loved again? 

Shocking detail reveal that countrywide thousands of children are temporarily removed from their home environment by social structures at any given time. These children are placed in a place of safety for an interim period during which the juvenile court will decide about the child’s future residential allocation. Because there are a greater demand for places of safety than can be met, the living conditions in some of these short-term homes aren’t any better than the child’s original home. This hard-hitting fact manifests the insatiable need for reliable and truly secure places of safety throughout South Africa. SafeHouse is the only sensible option and provides hope for all the kids in this position.

At SafeHouse we strive to be so much more than just another roof over their heads. We focus and apply our resources around the care, love and rehabilitation of physically and emotionally abused children. The transitional periods can last from a couple of months up to one year or longer. With a dedicated team of principle care workers and house parents, SafeHouse aims to use this valuable time to make a lasting difference to the child’s life, equipping him or her for a brighter future.

SafeHouse places of safety are being managed and monitored on a daily basis to ensure that financial and other resources are optimally applied to cater for the children’s needs. Part of the funds is allocated to basic needs such as food, clothing, school fees etc, providing the children with a healthy living environment. A large part of  the funds are allocated for professional psychological and social counselling which becomes a vital tool in the healing process of these children. To ensure that the psychological rehabilitation is sustained we continue to finance the counselling sessions even after the child’s departure to his or her permanent residence. SafeHouse also offers any additional financial support for child-specific requirements such as chronic medication, physical rehabilitation, special schooling and psychological counselling.



SafeHouse intends to provide these children with a normal everyday life. We provide them with the basic personal items and introduce them to a normal domestic routine which includes going to school, doing homework, taking part in extra-curricular activities and socialising with fellow house members. A daily routine provides much-needed structure and stability to their lives, which in turn gives them a plan and a purpose for living their lives. Children need to be children and SafeHouse provides the platform for them to be just that!


An abused child’s ABC is very different from that of other children. NO child deserves abuse of any kind. SafeHouse wants to urge anyone and everyone with the will and means to help, to assist us in our quest to provide true places of safety, emancipating abused children from unspeakable living conditions.


We want to make a difference in their lives by being their place of safety.

SafeHouse is a Help-Net Fund Project. The Help-Net Fund works to source the financial revenue and aims to establish enough SafeHouse places of safety to enable them to become the preferred place of safety across the entire country, making a real difference in the lives of abused children across South Africa.

Our growing donation-can distribution in the retail sector is one of our main sources of income, but your donation can help to further our efforts even more.  You can play an equally important role in our funding structure by signing a debit order for the amount of your choice. In doing so you are empowering SafeHouse to help thousands of abused children countrywide.



Let us introduce you to Sipho, a five-year old carrying the burden of four and a half years of severe physical and emotional abuse. Like thousands of other abused children, safety in his own home was a luxury he never knew. Sipho has a story to tell - a tale of how his life changed in a big way.

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